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IC36 Independence


Sail Performance





IC36 is intended for those, who seek an exceptional boat. Who have speed and independence in their hearts. It offers all the features needed for really fast and safe sailing as well as comfort for long journeys. 1.4 times faster than the wind thanks to low hydrodynamic resistance below the waterline, with a narrow hull profile and low all-up weight.

Rotating mast moved further aft and high displacement bows offer high top-end speed and avoid bow pitching.

Carbon compression beam extends forwards to carbon asymmetric bowsprit. High-tech equipment that contributes to stunning performance as well as revealing the IC36's sporting credentials.

Light-weight carbon-fibre rig – build to a rigorous standard for ultimate safety whilst delivering high performance - both high speed and minimal pitching. Ultra-light composite stays support the mast, along with top-of-the-market Facnor drum furlers and other state-of-the-art fittings all contribute to a boat that combines great performance with ease of handling. The IC36 is designed to offer the very best experience, whether your ambition is for racing or for fun with the family.

Safety has been paramount at every stage of the design and build process.

High levels of lateral and fore-and-aft stability, along with a commitment to making the IC36 UNSINKABLE.

High-end B&G electronics deliver precise data and weather information.

Down to the smallest nut and bolt, every item has been selected with durability and safety in mind. We have developed many unique elements, important details, quite different from other boats on the market. From the quietest of electric engines to latest-generation electronics, to carefully designed ergonomic spaces for work, sleeping and sailing, and many other smart innovations. You can beach your IC36, you can enjoy the large living space, with full standing headroom and up to 8 real berths. And with the IC36, everything can be dismantled for ease of transport. Easy access to most handling positions from the cockpit.

Easy and quick manoeuvres and handling due to light all-up weight, precise tiller control, and a quick and simple reefing system

Oceanvolt propulsion with effective hydro-regeneration and immediate power.

Powerful Solbian solar panels. Sufficient reserve energy stored via lithium marine battery bank.

Transport by car or container around the world makes the IC36 a one-of-a-kind solution for a multihull of this size. No more time-consuming or potentially hazardous delivery trips.