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Buying a boat is a big financial commitment and a final purchase decision should always be made with the help of the manufacturer and/or a dealer. We are not a yacht brokerage, we are here because we believe the market lacks a source of comprehensive and unbiased information, whereby you get to consider all models available before zooming in on alternatives. 

All information presented on this website comes from three sources: the manufacturers own presentation of their boats as per their websites and/or brochures (main source), data found online (complementary source) and our best guess and/or calculation (used for some prices, and features like solar and battery as well as sail performance calculation). 


If a price is our best guess, it ends with 555. The intention is to present a ‘base price’ for which the boat can be purchased but obviously, we can’t assume the level of options included is similar for each boat for the given price. Thus, please consider the prices as indicative, the main point is to be in the right ‘ballpark’. 


All information presented on this website is meant to serve as guidance for your search and decision making. Once you have found the boats you should consider, it’s time to verify details with the manufacturer or a dealer before making any final decisions or conclusions.

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