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About Us

Livin' THE Dream

We are Catamaran Dreamers, Buyers, Owners and Sailors just like YOU. is your ultimate ‘BoatShow in YOUR pocket’, computer and even VR goggles.


We believe that choosing the right Catamaran may be the most important purchase in YOUR life.

It may be more important than choosing your house, apartment, car and vacation home combined because you put your loved ones and your life into it and it does all those things for you.


To successfully choose YOUR Catamaran you need two main things:


  1. You need to know in detail your lifestyle, your crews needs and limitations…

  1. But maybe more importantly you need to know all your available Catamaran options, features, prices…


We are the ONLY ONE doing this for you, and it’s FREE!


We present 200+ Catamarans with all the information - Catamarans

We give free personalized advice on choosing the right Catamaran - Quiz

Enjoy, let’s go Livin' THE Dream!

Whether you’re about to make one of the biggest investments in your life or looking for inspiration, is here to help you find your dream boat!


The market for catamarans is going through rapid development with an ever growing number of manufacturers and models, featuring new innovative designs and features. And that’s amazing! However, it can be quite overwhelming to keep up with the development. That is why this website exists - we are here to display all the catamaran models available, making it easy for you to find a suitable model based on your preferences. 


It all started when we were looking for the right catamaran for us. Every time we thought we had all the models mapped out, and our favorites selected, we found new ones that needed to be taken into consideration - the market is bigger than we thought! Therefore, we felt a need to organize our search and selection process. After quite some data collection and evaluation, we had all of a sudden created an all encompassing database, a selection system and an evaluation method that we believe can be useful for other catamaran lovers out there, in search for their dream boat. 


And this is just the beginning, so stay tuned and please give us your feedback!

Our Story

We, Elina and Andreas, met while skiing and a season in the Alps became our first big adventure together. Soon after that we moved aboard a catamaran for a 5 month sail around Europe, from Stockholm to Greece. 


Since then, we've been following YouTube sailing channels for inspiration and making plans for owning a catamaran one day, while raising three kids and renovating a house. The search for the dream boat is still ongoing. 


a catamaran is a formidable feature and lifestyle innovation platform


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