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HopYacht 30


Sail Performance





HopYacht 30 catamaran makes sailing easy and effortless, by simplifying the things that make traditional yachts feel like hard work.​

Designed specifically for couples or families with young children (perhaps not yet able to help out), HopYacht is easy to sail short-handed. With the stability of a catamaran, anxious newcomers to sailing will quickly feel at home, and that means you can relax.

Perfect for bay, coastal or island hopping. But why stop there? To explore another region of the world, the HopYacht 30 has demountable hulls and will fit into two standard 40' containers. Assembly at your new destination is straightforward.

With the same beam as a typical 36'- 40' monohull, you'll have more options to secure a berth in busy marinas and of course mooring fees will be much lower than a typical wide beam catamaran!