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C-Cat 56


Sail Performance





The new C – Catamarans 56, designed by Enrico Contreas and Marco Amadio, is the ideal size to comfortably travel around the Mediterranean with family or friends: spacious, modern, welcoming in the interior, it makes it particularly docile and reliable in navigation and maneuvers.

It is designed to navigate smoothly even with the bow sea, regaining the gear in a short time without losing too much in terms of speed. Speed remains the distinctive feature of C-Catamarans, to take advantage of every slightest gust, to get the maximum acceleration and not to give in to the bow bows. Powerful and impressive, the C-Cat 56 is a comfortable multihull but extremely safe and fun, ready to turn easily in any situation.

The designers Marco Amadio and Marco Rogolino have interpreted the project to 360 - seeking the balance between outdoor and indoor spaces, maintaining the concept of habitability and comfort on innovative lines and sports catamarans built in Rome. In the interior and exterior project, they also communicate ergonomically and the introspective sense of some environments is nullified by the large and spectacular windows that bring the sea into the cabins.

The exterior design is characterized by streamlined and broken lines for a contemporary sportiness, enriched by the steering positions, designed as an integral part of the superstructure , enveloping and placed in an ideal position for excellent global visibility. This solution, already adopted on the C-Cat 62, allowed to optimize the deck spaces, gaining livability in the large square and making the bridge accessible without hindrance from stern to bow. The catamaran has a convivial nature and the wide opening for the entrance in the square allows you to create a real open space with a single environment between inside and outside.

In the interior, it was chosen to give a sporty impression with the warmth of wood, with the contemporaneity of soft touch finishes, recycled carbon details and Solid Surface elements for a right mix of lightness, elegance and sportiness.