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Vaan R5


Sail Performance





At 49ft or 14.95 meters, the R5 is the perfect size for extended blue water cruising or a family live-aboard.

Of course, like the R4, the R5 is made of truly sustainable and circular materials such as recycled aluminium, FSC certified cork decking, leather-replacements from pineapple leaves and biological fabrics. And of course it is all-electric too.

With the sliding glass door moved further aft, part of the cockpit becomes part of the interior space creating a 30m2 saloon area. The sliding doors and sliding side windows can be opened to be ‘outside’, or closed to be ‘inside’ the very spacious saloon. No flapping tents, zippers and view distorting plastic but crystal clear floor-to-ceiling glass all the way around. For different parts of the world or sudden weather changes, the R5 LA offers the best of all worlds.

The R5 comes in two versions: the open cockpit and the closed cockpit live-aboard version, the R5-LA. The main difference is the sliding door that is placed further aft in the LA version. While this may seem minor, it creates a vast interior saloon space that allows for truly unique layout options which can be tailored to your needs.