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Vaan R4


Sail Performance





As a helmsman you want to be at the back of the cockpit, not high upon the roof. And the large, open transom connects you to the water that rushes underneath. It gives you a spectacular sailing sensation, much like a monohull, but without the heeling. And faster.

Unlike most cats, the Vaan R4 does not have a large, fixed roof over the cockpit. Instead, we created a bimini that can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes. People in the cockpit and at the helm can be protected from the sun when desired. But for colder regions, steering in the sun is now also possible. It makes the R4 great for the Mediterranean, but also for a trip up north.

The R4 is designed for active sailors who are looking for more space than a monohull offers. The cockpit and saloon are at the same level, and there is very little heeling. Your guests, friends and family can enjoy all the comfort, luxury and space while you are at the helm enjoying their company.

The design of the R4 is based on circular principles from the start. It is mostly made of recyclable materials and it is almost completely recyclable itself. The hull is made of more than 50% recycled aluminium like old window frames, traffic signs and license plates. Some parts contain even more than 75% reused materials. Aluminium also has an excellent track record for its strength, safety and flexibility.

The Vaan R4 is all-electric, including the propulsion. You can choose between 2 Torqeedo FP10’s or 2 OceanVolt SD15’s, which offers hydro-generation allowing you to recharge the batteries while sailing.

The saloon has a bright, warm and welcoming feel to it. The seating area is soft and comfortable and can be converted into a spacious daybed to spent a lazy afternoon watching a movie or reading. The modern and functional kitchen is light yet solid and offers all the amenities to really enjoy some good cooking. The owners bedroom aft has a comfortable full size 200×160 bed that has beautiful wide views to the side and rear. Plenty of storage on the side of the bed and closet space for first essentials. The R4 is all about space and no place makes that more clear than the walk-in closet in both hulls. The four closets on the right hold enough clothes to spend months away from home, and buy some new ones along the way. The optional dresser on the left gives you extra drawers for accessories and other smaller items. The forward cabin in the owners hull holds a superior bathroom with a spacious shower. The mirror slides sideways to open a cabinet and three large drawers and shelves give you all the storage you need. Both hulls of the R4 offer a toilet, separate from the bathroom.