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Slyder 80


Sail Performance





In collaboration with yacht designer Matthias Krenz, the Slyder DNA "see the difference & feel the difference" is particularly emphasized by the new design and underlines the claim of Slyder Catamarans to be on the cutting edge not only technologically with serial hybrid propulsion, PLC electrics and simple operation, but also through state-of-the-art design.

"See the difference & feel the difference" means a balance of the key features of performance, aesthetics and on-board living combined with lifestyle and luxury.

The overall aesthetic in profile is defined by the shoulder line, which represents a new standard in Slyder catamaran design language. High hulls and a low saloon roof highlight the sailing performance.
With the help of various form studies, the right balance of appearance, performance & lifestyle was searched for in terms of design & a catamaran design was created that visually harmonizes all elements.

The SLYDER 80 combines the elegance of a café racer monohull with the performance and space of a luxury catamaran. At the heart of her development was the desire for a fast and fun, luxurious and spacious future-proof catamaran. Carbon hulls, large solar panels, electric motors, a 38 m² main salon, headroom of 2.20 m and large 1.80 m x 2.10 m beds are just some of the outstanding features.

Unique highlight is the "Sports-Fly" (SLY-FLY) developed for the Slyder 80, which offers enough space & safety and opens the possibility for the fellow sailors to participate in the fascinating experience "sailing".