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Ocean Renegade R5 MKII


Sail Performance





The MKII came about after the R6 was drawn and we asked ourselves if we could translate some of what makes the R6 so good into the platform we already have in the R5 MKI. The simple answer was yes, the more complex one was she would need a new hull. Our goal was then to retain what makes the R5 such a comfortable and easy to handle offshore performance yacht and add more of the finishing trims and hull volumes that people expect in a modern performance liveaboard. To that end, she features a redesigned hull that is slightly wider, slightly longer, and allows her to carry a little more in the way of creature comforts, although the Mk1 was no slouch in this regard. Her engineering has been completely redone and the platform now features full carbon construction for all of the full-width bulkheads as standard with all components vacuum infused for optimum weight and structure integrity control.