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Ocean Explorer OE64


Sail Performance





The Ocean Explorer OE64 is designed by sailors, for sailors, with particular attention to the ease of operation, true performance, and exceptional living and entertaining comfort. She incorporates the essential elements of a racing yacht along with the comfort and lifestyle necessities expected in a luxury global cruising yacht. Her aesthetic styling ensures she turns heads every time she enters a marina, and advanced engineering, superior materials, and quality of construction make her an impressive, next generation sailing yacht.

OE64 is an evolutionary next step in technology and design from the OE60. She boasts new structural advancements such as the incorporation of pre-preg carbon bulkheads for greater strength in a lighter structure and engineered laminated flooring to resist wear and prevent warping and water absorption. An innovative new lamination schedule takes advantage of improved materials to provide lighter and stronger hulls.

Her sailing design enhancements include less winches for savings in weight, power consumption and ease of sail handling. Sailing features include deeper dagger boards, longer bow sprit/longeron, no permanent staysail, and a 2nd tack fitting on longhorn.