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Luna 47


Sail Performance





LUNA 47 is not only a cruising catamaran. LUNA 47 is a boat that distinguishes from most of the boats on the market.

LUNA 47 is both fast and, which is remarkable, quiet. It not only accommodates her guests, but offers comfort in a designed shell. Her interior is light and elegant with a house-like feeling. The layout can fit the owner desires as well as the charter market.

The difference lies in the holistic concept. LUNA 47 has been designed firstly for Diesel-Electric propulsion: balanced, quiet, eco-friendly. Hybrid propulsion delivers many advantages. When sailing, the recuperation mode will restore enough energy to motor to a bay or harbour and stay there for a couple of days without needing the generator.

LUNA 47 has put together, what todays technics and hydrodynamics deliver: living in comfort and being eco-friendly and sailing is on the fast side! The sweet spot of LUNA 47 is between 5 and 15 kts true wind. The owner will be able to reach wind speed with no effort. Speed is not just for fun, it is also for safety. Having a real sailboat that can sail upwind and is seaworthy is an important safety feature: escape a storm, reach the harbour of your choice and the behaviour of the boat in sea state is more comfortable.

LUNA 47 is built using infusion technology with the best materials. The result is a light and stiff boat with a great lifespan and resale value. LUNA 47 with her new visual identity, new rig and hull design, offers increased performance combined with a unique signature.