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Lagoon 46


Sail Performance





The Lagoon 46 reinforces the fundamentals that have made our brand a staple of the catamaran sailing industry, a freeing, gentle lifestyle full of innovation.

Patrick le Quément has strengthened and harmonized the belief of living a life at sea where comfort and elegance don't have to be compromised. The 46's design, while comparable to its larger sisters, is still in a league of her own. Discover the 46, and find your sense of freedom. VPLP accomplished the perfect balance between the different living spaces aboard the Lagoon 46.

With layouts to choose from to make her your own, all models of the 46 combine modular front and aft cockpits and have a fully equipped cooking area at the back, and yet still gave Nauta Design enough space in the salon to fully express themselves and make this a home away from home. With its double access, the Flybridge is a space dedicated to maximum relaxation and comfort. The center helm station offers protection from the elements and exceptional visibility.

For even more comfort, different solar protections are possible: a folding cabriolet or an automated Bimini.

On catamarans of this size, the dinghy hoist system is usually a standard single option. On this Lagoon 46 design, choose either a classic stainless steel davits or an electrical hydraulic platform.

The option of an electrical hydraulic platform at the back of the catamaran offers people aboard easy access to and from the water while adding additional space. Nauta Design embraced a balance between refined elegance and function in their approach to the 46's living areas.

The owner's suite is generously furnished and is equipped with an island bed for optimizing comfort. With spacious cabin design, you'll find the owner suite situated with a settee and desk with ample storage for personal affects.

The other cabins aboard have an impressive amount of space available, especailly the front cabin where the bed is as comfortable and roomy as the aft cabins.

The amazing quality of life aboard the Lagoon 46 catamaran is guaranteed to exceed expectations. The finishes and lighting make you feel at home.

With a great connection between the front cockpit and salon, there's seamless transition to indoor and outdoor living. The Lagoon 46 catamaran proves her seaworthiness with her exceptional performance under sail.

Using similar new, innovative designs VPLP has applied to the 46's sisters, this model can hold her own and personalizes her identity in the catamaran world through her performance on the water.

A larger sail plan has increased SA/D ratios. Her mast has been repositioned, moving it back has provided a very high aspect ratio. A shorter boom and a self-tacking jib make it easily manageable. A 12,000 lbs difference from her larger sister, the 50, the Lagoon 46's sails can really pick up the speed.