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HH66 Sport Cruising Forward


Sail Performance





Faster, stronger, smarter and more lavishly appointed than anything that’s come before it, the award winning HH66 sets a new standard for luxury cruising and performance. The HH66-SCF offers the same award-winning design and innovative features as the SC, but features a forward helm inside the salon and routes all line handling to a central, forward cockpit. Both versions can be customized to suit your personal needs, whether that be cruising, racing, or a little bit of both. Far from ordinary, the HH66-SCF (Forward Helm) was created to emphasize the pure joy of sailing. The forward cockpit increases the ease of line handling and passage making, while the optional aft tiller chairs with push button controls of the Mainsheet, Traveler, Cunningham and Daggerboards create a sailing sensation few will ever get to experience. The HH66 has been redesigned to work with a parallel diesel/electric hybrid, a large solar array on the cabin top and hydro-regeneration while sailing.

Our EcoDrive provides all the benefits of an electric boat: silent fume free motoring, instant torque for maneuvering, and hydro-regeneration while sailing; while also providing the reliability of trusty diesel engines as a back up.

For the technology shy, traditional standalone diesel engines with shaft drives are also offered.