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HH55 Sport Cruising


Sail Performance





The HH55-SC is a “no-compromise performance catamaran with dual raised aft helms, C-shaped carbon daggerboards and stunning performance for its size. The HH55 has been redesigned to work with a parallel diesel/electric hybrid, a large solar array on the cabin top and hydro-regeneration while sailing.

Our EcoDrive provides all the benefits of an electric boat: silent fume free motoring, instant torque for maneuvering, and hydro-regeneration while sailing; while also providing the reliability of trusty diesel engines as a back up.

For the technology shy, traditional standalone diesel engines with shaft drives are also offered. The HH55 is a robust platform that can be managed by just two people for short handed sailing. This yacht emphasizes the safety, strength and weight saving properties that only carbon can offer.