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Cure 55


Sail Performance





Born of an ambition to design the ultimate performance cruising catamaran, every element of the new Cure 55 was designed not to reinvent the wheel but to raise the bar in every area that Catamarans in this class are judged by.

With a power to weight ratio that assures high performance but with a design philosophy focussed on safety, the Cure 55 was conceived to be able to cross oceans with speed and comfort whilst still being easily single or short handed.

Technology and process underpin any great project. Production of the Cure 55 catamaran has its foundations in the Designed For Manufacture principal and is underpinned and supported by some of the latest technology currently in use in Global boatbuilding.

Design of the Cure 55 catamaran was undertaken by Paul Bury with support from the in-house Cure Design team.

An absolute design focus on safety, performance and comfort has resulted in a vessel that redefines the way cruising catamarans are seen. The Cure 55’s layout has been designed with an emphasis on comfortable, safe long-term cruising. Whether you’re a cruising couple, a whole family, or cruisers who enjoy bringing guests along, the cure 55 has exceptional, inviting accommodations for all. The standard layout has the luxurious owner’s hull to starboard incorporating a large ensuite. To port, there is a spacious aft guest cabin and a forward cabin with configurable options for an additional double berth, bunks with office space or a combination or workshop/storage space. The port hull also houses separate toilet and shower compartments. Australian designed and built to exacting tolerances, Cure Marine aim to raise the bar for quality construction of high performance cruising catamarans. Our purpose built, 3400sqm factory and advanced manufacturing processes, enable efficiency and accuracy for all our builds. Construction of the Cure 55 hull uses the highest quality carbon fibre cloths and Australian made epoxy resins. Internally, the cabinetry and furniture materials have been developed over years of testing and refinement. They are both lightweight and strong with a beautiful level of finish. Cure Marine is at the forefront of composites design and manufacturing. We utilise an array of in house, state of the art automated machinery. Including robotic equipment, CNC Machines, laminate cutters and one of the largest 3D Printers in the southern hemisphere.
Through our use of smart manufacturing, we are realizing a digital transformation to the 4th Industrial Revolution – Industry 4.0. Our strict adherence to using only the best materials, components and processes, allows us to obtain very high, consistent levels of quality. Our automated processes also enable an outstanding degree of efficiency.