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C-Cat 62


Sail Performance





The catamaran imagined to feel at home even in the middle of the Oceans, the C-Cat 62 is the result of the pencils and experience of Enrico Contreas, with Luigi Cirillo puts the seal on this project. A multi-hand work with Marco Amadio and Marco Rogolino who, in addition to a careful work on the deck, have made the interior modern, bright and welcoming . The yard is entrusted with the maximum expression of technology applied to a multihull so that it can express excellence and habitability. Relax and fun are the words that inspired the line of the big Cat signed by C-Catamarans.

As a result of careful studies, C-Cat 62 has a reduced displacement thanks to the carbon infusion of bulkheads, hull and deck, to obtain an ideal strength and structural rigidity, with a very low weight. That’s how, even in long ocean crossings, timings are greatly reduced.

The hull lines express a strong personality: they are modern, harmonious and sleek and characterized by double steering integrated on the hardtop, where all manoeuvres are practical and organic. The deck winks at the racing world, for cleanliness and functionality, with a careful vocation to the convivial style typical of Made in Italy. The spaces are wide so you can get comfortable in every spot.

The saloon in connection with the large cockpit becomes an immense open space where you can live your space in great comfort. The retractable window reconstitutes the two rooms living virtually no trace of its presence.

The interiors are designed in consideration of the relationship between space and function to be able to respond to the contemporary owners of sailing and motor: the different solutions from 3 to 4 + 1 cabins are proposed with elegant and sophisticated fittings, also customizable for use.