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Balance Catamarans is a South African company founded by Phil Berman, a well-known figure in the yachting industry, with a focus on designing catamarans that prioritize performance and comfort. Balance builds live-aboard performance catamarans for oceanic adventure travel. The company does not craft racing cats or charter cats. Balance catamarans strike a careful balance between performance underway and comfort at anchor. Balance Catamarans was born in 2013 in a partnership with Nexus Yachts. Acclaimed designer Anton du Toit joined Balance shortly after and has been driving the designs with Phil. Engineering and design work hand in hand at Balance. Engineering focusing on solving problems and design bringing livability and grace to the live-aboard performance catamaran. Balance invented the groundbreaking VersaHelm™ , a 90-degree pivoting helm that allows Balance catamarans to be piloted up top, in the open air, or down below in the cockpit to protect from foul weather. Balance has continuously improved upon its catamaran hull design resulting in gradual-flare, chine-free, wave-piercing hulls. These cutting-edge shapes sustain the ideal hull-fineness ratios to allow for excellent payload capacity with minimized hydrodynamic drag. With her centered weights and ideal length to beam ratios, Balance catamarans glide across the surface as opposed to dragging and violently pitching. All Balance catamarans carry carbon reinforcement in high-load areas to reduce weight and produce stiffness. This wise use of carbon with thermoformed foam core hulls and decks lighten and strengthen the structures.


Portofino CAT 67

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10, 11, 12, 13, 14


HopYacht 30

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2, 3


Vaan R6

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Image by Muhammadh Saamy

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