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HH52 Ocean/Sport Forward


Sail Performance





The HH52 forward cockpit provides a central protected location to operate all the yachts sail controls from, which is a superb configuration for single handed sailing. Steering of the yacht is done from the central interior helm station with all sailing instruments and engine controls at hand. Meanwhile, the aft cockpit is turned into a space purely used for living, relaxing and entertaining, free of lines and winches. Two weathertight doors provide walkthrough access to the forward cockpit, and when left open, generous ventilation for the salon. Optional aft tiller chairs and pneumatic mainsheet controls bring back the thrill of sailing typically reserved for a performance mono-hull. If you want the best of both worlds: comfort and the thrill of sailing, look no further. This version of the HH52 is sure to become a cult-classic in the eyes of full-time live-aboard sailors that still seek the thrill of weekend racing. The HH52 forward cockpit can be ordered as an e-glass “Ocean Cruising” or 100% carbon-fiber “Sports Cruising” version and provide a central, protected location to operate all sail controls from. This is a superb configuration for easy, single handed sailing. Optional aft tiller chairs with push button controls bring back the thrill of sailing typically reserved for a performance mono-hull. The interior layout is modified slightly to fit the forward cockpit but is equally luxurious and quite spacious given the unique design. The all new HH52 is an evolution of our Award Winning HH50, which we have completely redesigned with electrification in mind. Featuring an all new cabin top with 4,900 watts of solar, a new deck plan, a new interior layout, and increased sail area, this yacht brings the very latest design features and performance improvements to our mid-size luxury cruising catamaran. The layout has been reinvented to feature a more social layout with twin L-shaped sofas, seating on all sides of the cockpit, an island galley, forward opening salon windows and safari style aft windows to ensure improved ventilation throughout the boat.

Overall, the changes create a refined vessel with powerful lines and a performance boost that will surely place the HH52 at the top of the category in terms of performance, comfort and desire. An all new interior design offers a choice of two different helm positions: Dual Aft-Swing Helms or a Forward Cockpit. Meanwhile, the rig has been lengthened and the longeron extended, as well as a lowered boom. Combined this dramatically increases the overall sail area and improves the yachts performance with a lower center of effort.

Without a raised bimini, the coachroof has been designed to include 4,900 watts of solar and to optimize the benefits of our EcoDrive; a 48v parallel hybrid propulsion and power system, offering 20kW of silent fume free electric motoring, instant torque for maneuvering, hydro-regeneration when sailing, 10kW of power generation, and the reliability of two shaft drive diesel engines. Interior fabrics, wood veneers, flooring and countertops are fully customizable by the owner. Two or three cabins, workshop, U-shaped galley or island, BBQ with dive tank storage and tiller steering with a hydraulic mainsheet are all available as options. The electrified HH52 is a game changing, eco-friendly cruising yacht designed to appeal to owner/operators looking for a no-compromise performance cruising catamaran. With 4,900 watts of solar, a 48 volt electrical system and a 43.2kWh battery bank you have to wonder if you will ever use your Diesel engines again. The HH52 has been designed to work with our parallel diesel/electric hybrid, a large solar array on the cabin top and hydro-regeneration while sailing.

Our EcoDrive provides all the benefits of an electric boat: silent fume free motoring, instant torque for maneuvering, and hydro-regeneration while sailing; while also providing the reliability of trusty diesel engines as a back up.

For the technology shy, traditional standalone diesel engines with shaft drives are also offered.