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There are some 200 different catamaran models available on the market. The Catamaran Quiz will help you find the models most suitable for you based on your most basic individual preferences. To make the tool even more useful for you, here is an explanation of how the Quiz works.


Pick the main way you will use your boat (you can choose several, or even all)


Daysail - you keep the boat in the same harbor all year round, leaving for mainly daysails not far from the coast. This includes both leisure sailing and racing - to be defined in the third step ‘speed’.  

Liveaboard - you live on your boat, either in the same spot all year round or moving it based on the season. You don’t aim to do long ocean crossings where its sail performance is of importance. 

Charter - you may use the boat yourself some weeks of the year but the main purpose is to charter the boat in suitable locations for daysail/cruising purposes. 

Cruising - you sail a region like the Mediterranean or the Caribbean… you may be out for a week or several weeks at the time but you mainly day sail and keep the boat in the same region year round. 

Circumnavigate - your plan is to sail around the world. You live on your boat full time and have several big ocean crossings ahead. 

All - you can choose ‘all’ if you prefer not to differentiate amongst the boats at this stage.


Pick a number of beds 


Choose the maximum number of people that you want to sleep on the boat. You can choose ‘any’ if you prefer not to differentiate amongst the boats at this stage.

Speed vs Comfort

Slide the marker to your level of speed and comfort


If you just want to sail fast, slide the marker towards ‘speed’. If you just want to lie comfortably in a bay, slide the marker towards ‘comfort’. If you want somewhere in between, you are circumnavigating and want both a fast and comfortable boat, slide the marker somewhere halfway. 


By comfort we mean the size of living spaces, machines, equipment etc all adding to the weight and “bulkiness” of the boat making it slower.




Here you can tick the boxes for the features that are most important to you whether it is the helm position, type of propulsion, keel type, galley position or one of the other features (you can choose many). 


When it comes to the other features, navstation forward, forward door, forward cockpit, rainwater collection, in/out saloon, lifting rudder, roof lounge and wing sail are features that the boat either has or not while for ventilation, solar and battery we have values and the Finder will show you the boats with highest values amongst the boats that are left after all the other choices you have made. 




Give your maximum budget and the Quiz will show the boats closest to your given price after taking into consideration the other choices you have made.




Congratulations! The Quiz calculates a ‘Match’ percentage to show how well a given boat suits your preferences.



If you are happy with the three matching catamarans you click the compare button and you can see all the details for each of the models side by side to dig deeper.

Reset or Modify

Reset or modify


Unsatisfied with the matching models? You can always reset the Quiz to make a new search, or go back and change one or all of the choices you have made and the Quiz will show you new models.

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