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Boat and lighthouse


Compare Help

Congratulations, you now 3 catamarans that match your preferences!

Now how to choose amongst them? Here we outline a selection method that works irregardless of how many future owners are involved in the selection process. 

Top 5

Personal Top 5 Priorities

Each future owner takes time and lists her/his Top 5 Priorities in a catamaran! To igive examples, priorities can be

Safety, Speed, Comfort, Design, Kitchen, Helm, Keel, Quality, Customization options, Load capacity, Ventilation...


Merge to one Top Priorities list

Each future owner presents her/his Top Priorities, and they are merged to one Top Prorities list (excluding overlapping priorities)


Give Points

Each future owner evaluates each of the 3 catamarans when it comes to Top Priorities by giving a point between 0 and 10.


Add and Average

Add all points and average

Add together each future owners points 




Do we have a clear winner?

   Yes, go see and test sail/live it!

    No, go through the points for each Priority and catamaran to see if  any changes are needed. 

         Make changes and discuss your future dream lifestyle together until you agree on a model.


Test live and sail 

The most important is to get to test a boat that fulfills most of your demands bacause (especially for first time buyers) this will give you real life experience that potentially will change your priorites and even the answers you gave in the Quiz or "what, where and when"!

It's very rare for a second time catamaran buyer to get the exact same model or even brand, there are good reasons for this and it's called experience!

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