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The Catana shipyard was founded in 1984 in Cogolin in the Var region of France. In 1997 Catana opened a shipyard in Canet-en-Roussillon, France, and launched its famous 471. In 2003, Catana was bought by Olivier Poncin, President of Poncin Yachts, and developed the yard. In 2009, the Catana shipyard started to use infusion to construct its catamarans, a great asset and one that considerably optimizes boat weight. Known for their reliability and performance, CATANA’s boats are perfectly balanced, fast and light in weight, ensuring low drag. Their slender, inverted bows allow them to achieve even higher speeds. The interior is fitted out with equipment designed for lightness: the ultimate in comfort and energy savings. With exceptional safety, CATANA CATAMARANS are easy to handle and their high-end level of comfort will carry you to all the seas of the world. Everything you need for fast and sustainable sailing across the oceans. Today, the Catana-BALI Catamarans shipyard builds over 300 boats a year. The Group counts 1,300 employees working on three boat production sites based in Canet-en-Roussillon in the South of France, the company's historic headquarters; in Marans, near La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast; and in El Haouaria (Cap Bon, Tunisia). The Group is also equipped with an industrial joinery shop in Rivesaltes (on the Mediterranean coast), which allows the Group to be fully self-sufficient in the manufacture of its furniture. The Group also has a “Services” base, Port Pin Rolland, located in the marina at Saint Mandrier, near Toulon, also in the South of France.


Portofino CAT 67

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10, 11, 12, 13, 14


HopYacht 30

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2, 3


Vaan R6

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Image by Muhammadh Saamy

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